TC Surveys offers a complete range of engineering and construction surveying services utilizing the latest in surveying technology and practices. We use total stations and GPS surveying equipment from Leica, the premier manufacturer in surveying equipment.

High Rise Building and Major Building Construction

TC Surveys are specialists in High Rise construction and bring a wealth of experience, from the initial site surveys all the way through to final completion. The Kings Square 4 commercial office and Queens Riverside apartment buildings are examples of the scale of some of our completed projects. TC Surveys is currently nearing the completion of its benchmark project, the $1.5 billion Perth Children’s Hospital.

Civil and Earthworks

From the field to the office TC Surveys can provide solutions for all civil works including earthworks and site preparation, services, drainage, roadworks, foundation piling and concrete works.

Using the latest in 3D modelling software we can produce accurate DTMs for a variety of applications.

Bridge and Tunnel Construction

TC Surveys has the experience and knowledge in Bridge and Tunnel works to provide precision set out as well as assistance with design integration and issues encountered. Incremental launch bridge construction is one of our specialities.

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring the potential movement of structures, whether on the project site or adjacent sites is a vital part of the construction process.

Using the latest in surveying technology we can identify areas of structures that are deforming beyond acceptable tolerances. TC Surveys has the experience to provide a monitoring solution for you.

As-Constructed Surveys

TC Surveys can provide all as-built surveys as required by clients.

Feature and Topographic Surveys

Feature and Topographic Surveys are an integral part of the design and planning stage of a project. The undertaking of a feature survey involves identifying all man made and natural features as well as any other features affecting the site.

TC Surveys has the experience to perform these surveys in any environment using the latest in technology.

Small Scale Building Set Out

No matter what the size of your next project we can provide a surveying solution. With the latest architectural trends in design, smaller buildings are becoming more complex and require intensive survey set out to achieve the design on the ground. The new kiosks at Elizabeth Quay are an example of small buildings with complex design that TC Surveys has successfully completed.

Dimensional Control

TC Surveys provides all your dimensional control surveying needs. We are experienced in design and installation of prefabricated structures and use the latest high precision instruments to achieve the tolerances required.